Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What kind of wigs do you sell?
Our wigs fall into three (3) different categories:
1. Factory Direct Wigs 
For the most part, we sell these wigs exactly how we receive them from our vendor. They are not modified by us in any way. The knots are not bleached, the hairline is not plucked and the hair is unstyled (Unless we've sold you the display wig). This category is best suited for ladies who will be getting their wigs customized and installed by a professional stylist. These wigs are NOT ready to wear.
In a few instances, we have colored, customized and restyled a styled a few factory made wigs and offered them for sale but this is extremely rare.
Please read the descriptions carefully before purchasing. 
2.LUXURY Custom Wigs
These wigs are made by us from scratch on a sewing machine using RAW HAIR. This is our premium collection. The quality of the hair is better than virgin hair and that is reflected in the price .You will receive them with knots bleached, hairline plucked and elastic band added. They are ready to wear, just cut the excess lace and go. They can be self installed at home if you are fairly familiar with wigs. If it's your first time wearing a wig we always recommend a professional stylist's help for the first install, I know that first time wig wearers are particularly terrified of cutting the excess lace. They can be worn glueless or not, the choice is yours. 
What size are the wigs?
Most of our wigs are a medium, or size 22 circumference which usually fit most heads. Wig sizes are located in the description of each wig sold on our website. We suggest that you measure your head circumference to have an idea if the wigs will fit you or not before you purchase.
Should I buy Body wave or straight Hair?
We get this question all the time. The answer is, depends on the application. We would recommend that you purchase body wave for curly styles and straight hair for bone straight styles only. Body wave hair holds curls much longer than straight hair. Please do not purchase our Raw Straight hair for curly styles, because of it's silky nature, the lifespan of your curls will be very short. Our Raw straight hair is for bone straight styles only. 
What grade of hair do you sell?
We do not sell hair by grade. There is no universally accepted grading system, what is grade 5 for one vendor is grade 10 for another. Grading system is a marketing tactic and realistically does not exist. 
Can I reserve a wig?
No, wigs are not reserved for anyone at any point. All our products are first come, first serve basis.
Do you offer layaway?
Raw Hair vs. Virgin Hair...What's the difference?
Raw hair really is at the top of the hair food chain. It is the absolute best, pure quality hair that you can get and usually comes out of South East Asia or India. It holds curls better than virgin hair, it takes color better than virgin hair and is overall far superior in terms of quality than virgin hair. As such, it commands a much higher price.
Why are the wigs so expensive?
Wigs are a luxury item (especially after the last round of price increases)
The investment is in alignment with the benefits you will receive from having the wig.
When will I receive my order?
24-48 hrs processing time is mandatory for all orders.
We ship to our clients in USA ,Canada and Jamaica only at this time. We offer local delivery in the Cayman Islands, George Town to Bodden Town only.
Can this hair be colored?
Yes. We always recommend that you get your coloring professionally done. If possible, ask your stylist to recommend the appropriate products. Once virgin hair is colored it is no longer virgin and requires extra care, conditioning and moisturizing to remain in tip top shape. We occasionally offer DIY coloring tips on our Instagram page.
There is something wrong with my order! What do I do?
We take pride in providing only the best hair for our clients all the time, every time. In the event that there is a problem with your order, please fill out the contact form and a She's Elite Brand Ambassador will be in touch with you.
Can I make changes to my order after it's been placed?
Unfortunately we cannot make changes to your order once you have paid. Please review your order carefully before submission.
I ordered the wrong item, can I get a refund?
We do not offer refunds. All sales are final unless there was an error on our end. If the that is the case, your refund will be processed.