Wig sizing and measurement

It's important that you know your head measurements when purchasing a wig, even if the wig is not being made specifically for you.
Most of our wigs are a size 22 (medium) which fits most heads. Please read our descriptions carefully to see the size of the wig you are about to purchase.
If for example, you measure your head circumference and your measurement is a size 24 but the wig we have in stock is a size 22, do not purchase. It won't fit. Conversely, if the wig you are about to purchase is a size 22 or 23 but your head is a size is a 20, your wig will be roomy.(This is honestly a much better problem to have as there are ways to work around this).
If in doubt, please contact us for clarification before making a purchase.
See the below chart for reference.